Our Mission

Because we know your health is your biggest value, it’s our mission to use the full extent of our capabilities and effort to improve your health and well-being as well as the constant search for more effective treatments and improving our service quality.
You can count on the experience of an organization that works for over 20 years in rehabilitation medicine. You can count on our competence and professionalism. And you can also count in a welcoming and comfortable space.

Our History

“Clinica do Movimento” was born in 1996, in Porto.
In December 2008 the clinic moved to newer facilities in the Arrabidashopping complex, with more comfort, aesthetic, space and all the technical and human resources necessary for their patients’ full recovery.

Location and Surroundings

The Arrabidashopping is located near the Arrabida’s bridge exit from the A1 (Oporto-Lisbon) highway. The clinic is located at the back of the Arrabidashopping, near the Holmes Place gymnasium.
The location is excellent not only for its accessibility, but also for large number or services available in the vicinity.
Starting with all the different stores in the Arrabidashopping, a nearby pharmacy, the Hospital Arrabida, a supermarket the gymnasium. It’s also located near the historical part of Vila Nova de Gaia.
All of these services are within walking distance, providing our patients and their peers bigger flexibility scheduling their daily chores and leisure moments.

Our Services:

Before enrolling in rehabilitation treatments, the patient need to Schedule a consultation with our doctors.
Our physicians will evaluate the patients, prescribe any necessary medications or exams, and prescribe the necessary treatments to be performed by our physiotherapists.

Orthopaedic medicine
Orthopaedics evaluates and treats pathology of the locomotor and muscleskeletal systems namely, pathology associated with bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, articulations and, sometimes, even peripheral nerves.
Being the most common cases in Physiotherapy, our orthopaedic physician can intervene, when a more specialized evaluation, or a less conservative treatment is required. It’s also important for a follow-up in post-chirurgical patients.

Sports medicine
Prioritizing the global health of the sportspeople, sports aims to prevent, diagnose and treat sports injuries, both acute and chronic, as well as to obtain the best possible performance for each athlete, whether a professional, federated or even amateur.
Sports medicine is also a key factor in identifying risk factors associated both with individual traits and with the specificity of its sport, and working to recover the correct function to allow the athlete to return to activity as quick as possible, in a safe manner, increasing the athlete’s confidence and reducing (or possibly even eliminating) the probability of another lesion.

Physiotherapy is centred on the analysis of movement and posture, basing itself on the structure and function of the body, using specific educational and therapeutical modalities, focusing essentially on movement, manual therapies and physical and natural means, helping to promote health and prevent disease, deficiency, inability and inadaptation and to treat, habilitate or rehabilitate individuals with physical, mental or developmental disfunction. It also aims to reduce pain and help individuals reach the maximum possible function and quality of life.

Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is a dynamic training, based on the stabilization of the spine, by training the abdominal muscles, focusing on breath control and maintaining a good posture.
During all exercises in Clinical Pilates, Pathology, normal movement patterns and neuromuscular timing are taken into consideration. It clearly defines a progression assuring it is gradual and standardized, with a clear objective of re-educating posture and obtaining functional motion.
Clinical Pilates is used to prevent and treat: spine pathology, spine post-surgery, incorrect posture, women’s health (pregnancy, post-partum, and urinary incontinence), among other problems.
Both Individual and group sessions are available in our clinic.

Chinese traditional medicine
Chinese traditional medicine is the name given to the set of health practices of traditional medicine, used in China, developed over thousands of years in its history. It’s based on a theoretical structure, systematic and embracing, of a philosophical nature. It’s fundamentally connected to studying the Yin/Yang relationship and the five elements theories and its flow through the energy meridians in our body.
Recognizing the fundamental laws that govern the human organism, and the way it interacts with the environment according to the nature’s cycles, it aims to apply this knowledge both in treating diseases and maintaining health through diverse methods, including Tui Na, Moxibustion, Phytotherapy, Auriculotherapy and Reflexology.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment, through high energy pressure waves, applied in specific tissues o the human body, with the goal of treating various muscleskeletal disorders.
This emission of high energy waves stymulates tissue, improving blood flow, and accelerating the natural tissue regenerating processes, that is mostly compromised during chronic inflammation states. This allows for more efficient results in different pathologies, such as calcifying tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, chronic epicondylitis and other chronic tendinopathies.
Available in our clinic since September 2012 and performed in an ultrasound guided method. We have a competent clinical staff with large experience and proven clinical results when performing this technique.

Muscleskeletal Percutaneous Electrolisys
Muscleskeletal percutaneous electrolisys is na invasie, ecoguided technique, performed by a multidisciplinar team, with clinical results.
I tis based on the application of an electric current through a thin, closed needle, introduced in a given treatment zone, determined by ultrasonography. The electric current has an analgesic and inflammatory effect, stimulating the production of collagen fibres and consequently aiding the muscle, tendinous or ligament reparation.
When properly applied in adequate clinical case, it’s a fast-acting technique with long lasting results.

Podiatry is a health related science that rigorously studies, diagnoses, prevents and treats feet disfunction and its repercussions on the human body.

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